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  • April 2010

    Just5 Brand is the Grand Prix winner in the New Name category.

    BRAND OF THE YEAR/ EFFIE – this award is given each year to the most successful projects in the brand creation field on the Russian market. Launched in 1998 with a purpose to promote modern tools of market activity in Russia, the BRAND OF THE YEAR became the most significant award for companies striving for market leadership regardless of the business sector they act in. Since 2001, this Russian national award for brand-making achievements has been a part of the EFFIE international system, which is the world’s most respectable award that can be given for effective marketing communications in 33 countries of the world. Today, the strategic brand management becomes an important instrument of global leadership, with increasing understanding of brand as competitive advantage and an intangible business asset.
  • March 2009

    Just5 CP09 Mobile Phone with BIG BUTTONS
    won the iF Product Design Award

    March 2010

    Just5 CP10 Mobile Phone with BIG BUTTONS
    won the iF Product Design Gold Award

    The iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954. Today the iF Product Design Award is recognized as one of the most important design awards in the world, as it annually invites to Hannover international contestants from 30 contries of the world. Non-booked members of the international jury (rotation duration - two years) evaluate all submitted applications very critically by rejecting approximately three-fourths of them. The iF Product Design Award is widely known as the "Design Oscar". Since the international forum for well-designed industrial goods (International Forum Design) awarded the first iF Design awards in Hannover in the year 1953, these awards are recognized as the reliable quality brand.
  • Spring 2010

    Just5 CP11 Phone with BIG BUTTONS
    WON the Red Dot Award.

    The Red Dot is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world that is awarded by the European institution named Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen. Red Dot Design Awards is the prestigious European design contest for various consumer goods. Every year more than 4 000 professionals from 40 countries take part in this contest. During the contest the following three categories are nominated: Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concept. The awarded works are exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum located in the city of Essen (Germany).